Soda blasting equipment Gritco®

Gritco MicroStrip 40 (vessel capacity 40 liter)     
Gritco MicroStrip 60 (vessel capacity 60 liter)    
Gritco MicroStrip 100 (vessel capacity 100 liter)
Equipment inclusive:
-  blastpot
-  compressed air filter with automatic drain on the inlet
- abrasive metering valve Thompson Valve II
-  silencer
-  air pressure valve
- the hose package is also executed with a so called 3rd signal valve with which the blaster can close the Thompson metering valve. Blasted objects or i.e. scaffolding can be blown clean with air only (and perhaps some water).
-  blast hose lenght:
MicroStrip 40 (10 meter)
MicroStrip 60/100 (20 meter)
-  wet blast nozzle WJN
- sieve
- cap
- pneumatic ball vibrator on the hopper of the blaspot
- Pomp unit with ‘KWB’ wetblast attachment
Optionally a pump unit can be added to the machine. The 1:1 membrane pump is self priming and therefore can be used in combination with a water tank. With the pump unit the water consumption can be brought back to a absolute minimum. Also heights and extreme hose lengths will not lead to problems any more.   Another advantage of the pump unit is that the wetblast attachment type ‘KWB’ can be used. Mixing the water with the air and abrasive stream before it enters the nozzle leads to the best mixture and therefore to the least dust. The water consumption is just 50-60 litre per hour.
- Hose extension of 10 meters  
- Hose extension of 20 meters  
- Fan nozzle
RA aftercooler
Compressed air aftercooler RA-10-E230V  (air volume 1000 l/min.)      
Compressed air aftercooler RA-20-E230V   (air volume 2000 l/min.)     
Compressed air aftercooler RA-30-E230V   (air volume 3000 l/min.)     
Compressed air aftercooler RA-40-E230V   (air volume 4000 l/min.)       
Compressed air aftercooler RA-65-E230V   (air volume 6500 l/min.)     
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