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         Vortex andblasting equipment JOS(Germany)
Smilšu strūkla restauratoriem | JOS | |
JOS 24 
JOS 60 

Spiral-type (vortex) sandblasting equipment for restorers, especially for cleaning delicate surfaces.
Complete set of equipment:
- Equipment on wheels, with built-in sealing valve, tank volume 24 l / 60 l
- blastpot lid, sieve
- air line pressure reducer with manometer,
- adjustable air pressure in the jet 1-8bar
- precise abrasive dosing valve
- abrasive resistant hose 2.5+10 meters, complete with connection and rotary nozzle 9.0mm (standard)
- mounted pneumo vibromotor

Additional equipment:
- abrasive hose extension 10m complete with double control hose, water supply hose and connections
- rotary type nozzle (micro) 9.0mm (air consumption 2600 l/min at 4bar )
- rotary nozzle (micro) 5.5mm (air consumption 1000 l/min at 4 bar)
- rotary type nozzle (piccolo) 3.5mm (air consumption 500 l/min at 4bar)
- compressed air cooler (220V)

Facades made of natural stone, clinker or concrete not only protect our buildings from the weather, but also shape their appearance. Therefore, when it comes to protecting, repairing or restoring the facades of buildings, high demands are placed on both the technical and the visual appearance. When cleaning stone and brick facades, the top layer of the material must not be removed or damaged, which can cause the material to become impervious to moisture, damaging it irreparably over time. JOS technology is particularly suitable for cleaning such surfaces, as air, water and abrasive are mixed in a nozzle, which blows the mixture at low pressure (0,5 to 4 bar) against the surface to be cleaned. A rotating vortex is formed in the conical jet which gently cleans the surface to be treated without damaging its underlying structure.

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